Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Wearable Arts 2017

Here is a link to our Wearable Arts booklet 2017

This year we have not worked very well but we will need to work a bit beater then what we did  other wise it was a very good experiences and I would like to do it all over again.
Our custom was made out of cardboard rolls to make support around the top, middle and top. We used tiers to hold it up, we have put them so you can just sit there with straps over your shoulders. The paper was used for paper lanterns.

What we did well:
What we did well is that we made the poll very well and worked like a team on the poll, the body was the hardiest bit of the build I think that we have build it every well and strong.

What we didn't do so well:
On the body we didn't work very well at time but we got it done in the end.

What we would change:
The straps on the shoulders and the bottom to make it stronger and the middle stronger.

This is the finished produced.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Maths Workbook T3 WK3

This week for maths we are working on finding of the probability of something happening. We have also started working on finding the Ratio's.

Here is a link to a useful YouTube clip about Ratio's


Friday, 23 June 2017

Cameron and Finlay's Wrting

There are 4 parts of the Pancreas. The Head, Neck, Body and The Tail. The head of the pancreas is the largest part of the organ. The head is found on the right side of the abdomen nestled in the curve of the duodenum. The Neck is a small section of the organ between the head and the body. The Body is the middle part of the pancreas between the Tail and the neck. The Superior mesenteric artery and veins run behind this part of the pancreas. The thin tip at the end of the pancreas is called the tail the tail is placed next to the body as you can see in the diagram. The tail is in close proximity to the spleen. Screenshot 2017-06-19 at 11.42.23 AM.png

The Pancreas is a long flattened gland located deep in our stomachs and it is six inches long. Because the Pancreas isn't seen in our everyday lives most people don't know much about this part of the body as say the heart or the brain, but the pancreas is a vital part of our digestive system and a critical controller of our blood sugar levels.

The Pancreas regulates your body’s blood sugar levels. If your pancreas is faulty you could become diabetic. What is Diabetes? To answer that you need to understand the role of insulin in your body. When you eat, your body turns food into sugars and glucose. At that point your pancreas is supposed to release insulin. Insulin serves as a “key” to open your cells, allow glucose to enter and give you energy. But with diabetes this system does not work. There are two types of diabetes type ii and type i. Type one diabetes is the most severe. This type of diabetes is also called insulin-dependant diabetes. This type of diabetes doesn't open your cells to allow the glucose to enter this means the glucose builds up in the blood. If left untreated this can harm your eyes, kidneys, heart and could lead to a coma and death. This is why some people carry insulin pens. When needed those diabetic people use the pens to put insulin inside their body. This insulin opens the cells and puts the gathered up glucose in your body so you don't get harmed. Another one of the general jobs the pancreas does is putting different chemical messengers called hormones into your blood.

In conclusion the Pancreas is a very important organ in our body. It regulates our blood sugars to stop us from getting diabetes and produces enzymes to help us with our indigestion. It is an allround important part of our body and without it, we wouldn't be able to survive.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Report Drawing

WALT: Writing Reports
For the next 4 weeks we will be learning about report writing. This drawing is all about report success criteria.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Hamner Camp

Last week we went to Hanmer Springs Camp. When we were Going to Hanmer it takes this long to go to Hanmer strate 2h 47 Minutes.

Here is a Photo of Mr B Lying down under the tree that we were tree climbing

We did mission impossible and Then when to the Hot pools.

We did mountain biking and tree climbing then when to the Hot pools

We when and did orienteering and when home and when in to a nice warm bed.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Week 8 Weekly Reflection


Here is what i Have accomplished This Week This is One of the this that i am parade of maths this week.
Because I have worked very hard to complete
Here is a Link to look at the anzac work I did.

This Is a work in progress

Art: I am almost finished.

Friday, 24 February 2017

2017 post

2017 is a new year and I am ready for a new year and a new class.

Thinks that I like to do are play cricket and sport.

This is a screen shot of my maths

Here is my NZ Disaster Work.

This is a photo of my art.